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>> this attack comes on secretary of state hillary clinton's last day. we want to get over to jummy in our satellite center latest. >> good afternoon. the turkish prime minister says u.s. embassy bomber is domestic weapons group. identity this his noon. do know this investigation at this hour overseas washington. >> state department officials the terrorist attack just outside the u.s. around 6:15 this eastern time. said the expected suicide bomber set off a bomb, killing himself and at least one other who officials say it was an embassy guard. several others were injured. the bomb appears to have inside a security checkpoint within the embassy.
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the door to the embassy was off but the ambassadors say the inside of the embassy not sustain any damage. collects these attacks are the peace and welfare of the country. we will stand tall. we will stay together and overcome it. >> the embassy is heavily protected and located next to several other embassies. while there has been no official from the white house u.s. embassy here in d.c., sources say top government closeals are keeping a eye on the situation. >> we will continue to fight terrorism together. >> at this hour, just within the past minute we just officially from the white house
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spokesman jay carney saying they into this act of terror. u.s. officials are urging all to stay away from diplomatic offices throughout turkey. on thishave more wjla.comg story at >> we are getting more news that is breaking. it chief financial officer gandhi announcing his retirement effective june 1. he said it was not an easy decision. came the same week that mayor announced a --0 million dollar surplus a $40 million surplus. brian van de graaff is now here look at our first forecast. >> it was the timing that was key.
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show you the higher map. at scattered ouds. breezy and very cold out there. a lot of temperatures in the 30's.o low this is a shot we got from one our listeners in stephenville. -- in stevensvill.e three and a half inches of snow on the deck there. about an inch to ashburton. -- to ashburn. there is that one little jackpot over to the east. at the travel forecast. chicago and minneapolis is definitely colder. coming up we will talk about the .chool weather for the weekend this may be the season were the clippers keep coming. back over to you. >> we need to clip tho e
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clippers. police say at least 10 cars were involved in an accident. this is of the northbound lane of the gw parkway. no wordpoint there is the peopleition of involved. thistigators are working out what caused a fatal fire in my instill. >> just an absolute tragedy here in frederick town. a three year-old and a six year- both died. this is a house full of children. father tried to rescue all four children. they were able to get the eight- year old out. also carried her baby out.h old all of them were taken to around thepitals area.
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it is a home dedicated to children. us it is such an loss.ible at 11:30 last night to a burst explosion andd of thenext thing they know house was engulfed in flames. littleid there was firefighters could do. myersville, the kimberly, abc 7 news. >> gun control is a hot-button issue in america. some people are taking their passion too far. while he is not third -- while about theworried sorry abouts he is what they mean. -- he is worried about what they mean. there is nobody that can control it. it is the instability of discourse at some level in this country. >> senate majority reader harry reid could be a chief leader on gun debate.
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-- also on capitol hill chuck hagel looks to the numbers he needs to as the newmation secretary of defense. republican committee challenged the onetime colleague. he faced opposition from his friend and former political allies. >> he said the surge would be dangerous foreign policy blunder in this country since vietnam. we are incorrect or correct? >> my reference to -- question, senator hagel. when john mccain and in 20008, he admitted hagel would have made a great addition to his cabinet. is not a sentiment he carried over.
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theon the side of recovery, over 157,000 jobs last month. the unemployment rate rose to 7.9% in december. some good news -- some good economy, the dow jones industrial average is up to date. is the first time since of 2007 it broke 14,000. year the best start to any of dating back to 1994. two days awayt from the raven's facing the 40 in super bowl xlvii. where espnce is live has set up the ultimate football experience. week i have worn a
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masquerade mask. is a little face paint? almost game time. very appropriate. the super bowl celebration has transformed the city. this is jackson square, the downtown new of orleans. you can see what happened here. created a super bowl pavilion. watching theeen coverage this week, this is look at whatscenes this looks like here. you see the map, the big screens, and the lights. look at the set up here. you have massive production right in downtown new orleans. some say it is a big deal, is just a game. this is a lot more than just a game. have businesses across the street. happened inwhat after hurricane trip began after hurricane katrina, the slowly build back.
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you can see the thousands of fans who are out here. they have been touring the area for days. as a maryland guy, we are seeing of purple and black. fromve david and diane maryland. what are you wearing? you are fitting right in. >> we are having a lot of fun. this is your first super bowl experience? >> yes. after we didn't go last year we never make that mistake again. >> it has been amazing. city has been incredible. there are so many raven's fans here, it is great.
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>> let us see what you are wearing here. >> this is what we wear on game day. ready. >> enjoy yourself. go ravens. >> is a festive atmosphere here. more and more purple and black. orleansg live from new afternoon, john gonzales, abc 7 days. >> thank you so much. ravens hand -- reagan's stance putting their best foot forward. avens fans putting their best foot forward. the nation pauses to reflect has been 10 years columbia disaster. going to take a look back at tragedy today. and charges against the radio dj that turnednk deadly. have the very latest. a live look outside this noon.
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>> you are watching abc 7 news at noon with scott thuman and simpson. this is abc 7 news at noon the your side. >> to continue our super bowl coverage this noon. a sibling rivalry is capturing the nation's attention. two brothers on each side of the field. on thisavis has more family affair. >> "the bro-bowl."
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it is a super bowl first. two brothers squaring off for biggest prize. are fiercely loyal. that is definitely not going to change. we will continue to be fiercely loyal and protected of one also of our teams. >> we are looking forward to the game, the competition. clocks -- >> john, good natured and confident. they are 15 months apart. they have coached football for than 30 -- their father coached high school football for more than 30 years. jim played 14 seasons in the nfl.
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in 2011 the two faced off as in a showdown. john got the win. neither coach has won a super bowl. their parents say football talk table this week. they are relishing the lead up biggest game in a family's long history. >> it is a fantastic experience. no one has it better than us. >> this is like a frosting on for our home family. >> but do not look for any favoritism on sunday. we will not have anything or anything red. but the family will have something silver and shiny. a trophy. karen travis, abc news. >> not a bad deal. must be very proud.
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there is quite a bit of snow storm coming in early on. it was the timing not -- it was a timing that was not so good. another way heading our -- we have another one weekendur way over the shows the so coming down all but after 5:00 this .orning back to partly sunny and a windy as we head into the afternoon. we have clouds over arlington but some blue peering through. temperatures are in the twenties low thirties out there. make it feel even colder. the storm scan shows the system continues to rotate out of here. it is heading out to sea. just cold out there. winds of of the west northwest
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per hour.s adding a wind chill. the wind will feel even colder. what you will see through the afternoon. here is a little time liner that projects today and tomorrow. a few clouds and start a string in tomorrow morning. around 11:00 tomorrow evening and into early signing morning early sunday morning, a quick hit of snow. it should not be too big a deal. probably quite similar to what we saw today. breezy and cold, low to mid with a wind chill making it feel much colder. afternoon clouds, that little on sunday morning, then the back is sunshine on monday. >> thank you so much.
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it is a somber anniversary as the nation marks the 10 years shuttlee space exploded over texas. >> the crew did not return safely to earth. we can pray that all are safely home. >> the space shuttle was re- atmospheree and broke up. a lift off a chunk of insulating foam punched a small in the left wing. it melted the carbon reinforcement. the shell destabilize, it was apart, and it killed all astronauts who board. another scare in the sky, this the west coast. coming up on abc 7 news at noon, after apens
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>> tonight on, show kids. joining me is elizabeth and david. is good to see the two of you together. >> from my vantage point this been a wonderful surprise. >> not bad? >> not bad. tell us a little bit of what we expect on tonight's show. >> some of these stars kids have scars from their childhood. shirley maclaine is only child as a 2-year-old japan.t in is an explosive new book
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out with some insight stories about how it was to grow as the daughter of one of the famous critic of one of the most actresses in the world. of one of the most famous actresses in the world. >> we are going to get into all that. children we see stars' are the subject of a lot of photos. at what point are you going to >> absolutely. we heard how the barry speak in very protective way about her daughter. speak in ary protective way about her daughter. we are going to way into that whole debate. hard for anybody. this is just my opinion, it is
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hard for a paparazzi for a six year-old. >> you can kind of understand -- she had an interesting perspective. david and elizabeth, it is great the two of you together. see you later this evening. >> thank you. >> we are following frightening moments for 121 passengers on an lines flight. the co-pilot of a jetliner had make an emergency landing portland, oregon after the pilot lost consciousness. to hospital. expected to be ok. nobody on board was hurt. and prosecutors will say they charges anyone -- against anyone on the radio prank.
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>> breezy and coal into the weekend. not a lot of snow. it will be called into next week.
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>> thank you so much for joining us. we will see you back
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